Khoury NEU

In 2020, I worked as a teaching assistant (TA) at the Khoury College of Computer Sciences.


In 2012–2016 I was teaching at the I. I. Vorovich Institute for Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science, my alma mater.

  • Theory of Programming Languages (Spring 2016)
    Lectures, labs, seminars (it was a new course I designed from scratch)
    Details Introduction to the theory of programming languages: judgments, operational semantics, type systems, propositions as types. Programming assignments: interpreters, type checkers, and a simple compiler (all in Standard ML).

  • C++ Programming Language (Fall 2016) Labs

  • Design Patterns (2014–16)
    Labs, seminars (I designed all programming assignments)

  • Programming Languages (2014–16) Labs, seminars

  • Computer Architecture (2014–16) Labs

  • Introduction to Programming (2012–15)
    Labs, seminars (in 2014–2016, I redesigned some programming assignments)