CV of failures

What is this? A list of things that didn’t work out for me.
I will try to be honest and update this page with research- and career-related failures as they happen. The first version was written in 2020 from memory.

Why is this? To increase transparency in academia, in the hope that this will make failures more normal and less painful.

Note 1. This page is inspired by Twitter conversations about paper rejections and research failures and Ben Greenman’s CV of failures; transitively inspired by Johannes Haushofer’s CV of failures.

Note 2. Many things that work out involve a great deal of luck.

Papers I did not submit

  • POPL 2023 (technical problems with a formalization)

Paper rejections

Internships I did not get

  • Uber (2020)

Awards and scholarships I did not get

  • Facebook Fellowship (2019)